NP 30 Alpsko smučanje in bordanje


Neveplast was born with the intent to give everyone the possibility to ski year round, close to urban centers and at very low cost. Neveplast slopes realized in cities are considered gyms for skiers where novices can learn to ski and snowboard, enthusiasts can practice their preferred discipline, and where the competitive athlete can train exactly like they do on snow.

Neveplast NP30, the forebear of all the Neveplast products, is an innovative synthetic mantle that permits skiing simulating real snow conditions.

Thanks to the special design of the bristles and the composition of the plastic that Neveplast NP30 is made of, the principal characteristics are:

  • Optimal lateral grip thanks to the special design, the density of the bristles, and the low coefficient of friction that allows the skis to maintain speed even while cornering. Neveplast NP30 guarantees conditions equal to those of natural compact snow.
  • High degree of slipperiness without the use of water guaranteeing important economic and maintenance advantages. Neveplast has been certified by the U.S.T.I.F. as having the same slipperiness as snow.
  • Thanks to the particular design of the actual product, Neveplast NP30 has demonstrated a high level of safety. No accidents have been registered with Neveplast NP30 even after more than two million uses by skiers and snowboards.
  • With Neveplast NP30 you can realize ski slopes of all kinds, from the easy slopes for teaching skiing and snowboarding to those that are much harder.
  • Freestyle: thanks to the flexibility of the product base it has shown itself perfect for freestyle installations. The strong grip between the edges of the skis and the plastic helps in the important set-up before the jump and make the aerial evolutions better.
  • The diameter of the holes for cooling permit the use of poles to FIS standards for the training in SL (slalom), GS (giant slalom), and as teaching aids for learning skiing and snowboarding.
  • Ease of installation on all types of terrain that are compact and homogenous.