SKIDDY is the newest product of Neveplast made for recreational sports and go-karts. Combining the ski slopes of Neveplast with go-karts the idea was born to simulate driving on snow by drifting.

With SKIDDY you can bump, drift, swing the wheel back and forth, and pass on a surface with low grip that simulates driving on snow. SKIDDY consists of a pavement made of Neveplast NP30 which is a material developed for alpine skiing and snowboarding that has unique characteristics and slipperiness even while dry while also having excellent resistance to deterioration.

The principal characteristics of SKIDDY are:

  • High safety standards.
  • Fast amortization of your investment thanks to the high capacity of the product.
  • Suitable for gas or electric karts.
  • Operational and maintenance costs are very low.
  • Wear on the karts’ tires and mechanical parts is almost non-existent.
  • Everyone from young children to adults are fascinated by this product.